This is how you beat the Conservatives

The Mulcair led NDP is certainly showing up the old Liberals.  Mulcair and the NDP have decided not to leave Conservative Party of Canada attack ads unanswered.  We all recall what happened to Dion and Iggy.  The Conservatives ran attack ads which went unchallenged by the Liberals.  I recall many of us at time wondering why they would not respond.  It has proven to be, perhaps just another example of a dysfunctional political apparatus torn apart by adscam and the Martin - Chretien civil war.

The NDP ad itself  employs many of the techniques used in the recent Conservative attack.  The dark thumping music, the unflattering images and a simple message.  It appears the NDP are going to hit back as hard as Harper and his Conservatives come at them.  That makes me happy.

Here is the ad...

Then some people thought it was Megan Leslie doing the voice over, see @kady of CBC, then Aaron Wherry of Maclean's clears that all up here.

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