It's The Real Thing - Not

Coke and the Russian Olympics. By now you have read of Russian persecution of gays, the LGBTQ communities (Google it).  Coke is the most most identifiable sponsor of the Olympics and to date has refused to speak up on the homophobia in Russia and its association to these Olympic Games.

In 1971 Coke produced an iconic ad. It's the Real Thing, Coke.
AmericaBlog: This video is brilliant and chilling.  Who doesn’t love that Coke commercial from 1971?  It’s so early 70s, and really just a classic in great American advertising.  But part of what made the commercial so great was the warm and fuzzy “we are the world” nature of its message.
Classic Coke supported diversity. New Coke defends the arrest of dissidents, and even assists in the arrests. Oh how a mighty brand has fallen.

  Here it is re-worked...

And then there is Coke's new social media campaign, a campaign that bans the word "GAY" and many associated words.

I did several using 'gay' and they were rejected. I then had to try Queerthoughts.  I was one letter short, but we like it anyway!

Coke Can 

If you click on the link above, you can make your own can and deliver a message to Russian President Putin and Coca-Cola.

From Joe My God 

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