When Social Media is hijacked...

Well now, sometimes social marketing efforts can be very successful, but not quite what you wanted. Witness the Coca Cola effort with Share a Coke on facebook and Twitter. And McDonald's Corp twitter hashtag #CheersToSochi.  Both campaigns have been taken over...

Here is a screen print of the twitter hashtag #CheersTo Sochi


And Coke's share a can stunt backfires. See Boing Boing:

Everything from 'Boycott Coke' to 'Puck Futin' - that one is because the web app doesn't allow you to use the words 'Fuck' or 'Putin'. But the English language is a remarkably wonderful and versatile thing - and it's only a matter of time before Coke realizes they've opened the door very wide for a lot of very angry people to reach their foot in and kick 'em hard in the nads. Enjoy it, and share it, while you can." - Word games with the "make your own Coke label" promo 

Want to make your own can? Here's a link to Share a Virtual Coke

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