2013's Best Social Media Campaign

The story behind a gigantic social media success and how LGBT and other social activists can use social media! 

You might not know Anastasia Khoo by name, but you've probably seen her work. 

Last year, millions of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to a red "equals" logo to support the campaign calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in favour of marriage equality. 

It was a huge success -- the logo was one of the most shared viral photos in Facebook's history, and the Supreme Court eventually ruled to support LGBT Americans' right to legally marry their partners. 

Anastasia, as Human Rights Campaign's Marketing Director, was the organizer who made the campaign a reality -- a feat recognized by Mashable when they awarded her a Mashie for 2013's Best Social Media Campaign, as well a sweep of the SXSW Interactive Awards just last week. 

Anastasia is one of the keynote speakers at next weekend's Progress Summit -- and in just a few hours, she's taking over the Broadbent Institute's Twitter account. She'll be there to tell you how it all happened and take your questions. 

Don't miss it: https://twitter.com/broadbentinst 

WHAT: Human Rights Campaign's Anastasia Khoo takes over @broadbentinst
WHEN: Today (Friday, March 21) at 6pm ET 

Tune in -- and tell your friends about it:

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janfromthebruce said...

sorry I missed it. I was in TO attending the OPSBA labour conference.