Harper and Kenny use TFW to displace Canadian Workers

Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) program is being used to displace Canadians with much cheaper foreign workers. Pacer Promec Joint Venture in the Alberta Oil Sands fired its crew of union workers on February 4th and replaced them with workers from Croatia. 

These workers are being paid half of what the Canadians were being paid. When this came to light of the media, the company said it would be rehiring the Canadian workers. That hasn't happened. As of this morning, the company had failed to contact the union or the workers and offer them their jobs back.

65 workers have been let go in clearly what is breaking not only the law but the spirit of the law as well. TFW program is supposed to see Canadians offered the job before bring in people from outside Canada. The promised reforms after the Royal Bank laid off 100's of Canadian workers and replaced them with workers from India have not materialised.

To add further insult to injury, the process is complaint driven, requires an investigation and the investigation can take weeks and months. In the interim workers are without a pay-cheque, Government promises of an investigation sound hollow at this point.

It's bad enough the government is subsidizing the Oils Sands companies, but to also abet the companies in replacing Canadians with workers from outside the country is almost treasonous.

The TFW program has its pluses, this is not one of them. 

see Fort McMurray Today

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the salamander said...

.. Stephen Harper keeps telling us that The Harper Government values are Canadian Values ..

.. at some point actual Canadians may begin to seek any evidence that reflects such a wild ass proclamation.

.. unless I'm mistaken, the imported steel workers were to be paid about 4 dollars an hour over minimum wage.

.. if the going rate for skilled Canadian steelworkers is too steep, why can't Harper and Kenney train dishwashers or nannies to erect steel @ 16/hour
or disgraced politicians and cronies ...