We have to be afraid again...

You have to be afraid again. That's how it's become. Politicians and Conservative preachers are spreading the hate.

In elections, especially in this US election cycle the politics of division are being used to drive voters to the polls.

How does that work? In the US if you're a Republican you have a subset of supporters that make up a minority of the population. You want them to vote because if they do, your chances of winning go up.

In North Carolina, the plan to bring out these folks was the so called bathroom bill.  HB2 was passed which prevented transgender folks from using the bathroom that matched their identity. 

The bill was not required except to give conservative Christians a good reason to vote and ensure a Republican victory. 

When opposition  to the bill started to rise across the state and country, the Republicans made-up the threat of men pretending to be women going into the womens' washrooms to assault little girls.

It is ludicrous yet repeating it often enough their supporters start to vilify the LGBTQ communities. 

Things like this happen...


All of this happens because a political party will stop at nothing to win.  They don't care if it means they are providing open season on LGBTQ citizens. 

Federally the Trump campaign is doing the same. Blaming all the problems in the USA on Mexicans, using blatant misogyny, and attacking Muslims. 

Supporters of Trump show up at rallies wearing t-shirts saying 'stop the cunt', a pastor stating it's better to have a President who grabs pussy instead a President that has a pussy.

Hate, hate hate.

It's seems to have backfired federally in that many Christiansare speaking out, students at Liberty University have called out the school's president for supporting Trump. 

Conservative women are now speaking out against voting for Trump. 

Wedge issues can be very nasty. The Republicans have been using them with great success for years now. 

It may be they have gone too far this time. Let's hope so.

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Anonymous said...

It was just this hateful practice that caused my spouse and I to emigrate to Canada in the early/mid 2000s. I can't convey how grateful I am to live here, in what feels like safety!