Gay Bishop no where to be found on HBO

Gay Bishop no where to be found on HBO

Was it an accident? Was it a slight? Was it taking middle road? Gay Bishop was not part of HBO's live coverage of the Obama event on Sunday. HBO contacted by Afterelton.com said they talked to HBO who informed them that they were told that the Bishop was part of the Pre-show and not the live broadcast.

"Contacted Sunday night by AfterElton.com concerning the exclusion of Robinson's prayer, HBO said via email, "The producer of the concert has said that the Presidential Inaugural Committee made the decision to keep the invocation as part of the pre-show. Uncertain as to whether or not that meant that HBO was contractually prevented from airing the pre-show, we followed up, but none of the spokespeople available Sunday night could answer that question with absolute certainty. However, it does seem that the network's position is that they had nothing to do with the decision." - Afterelton.com

That seems a little strange to me. Why did the Obama team choose to make the the
invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration concert by Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson part of the pre show? There were thousands of LGBT Americans who tuned in to the HBO broadcast to witness history, to see this first ever invocation for a US President given by an openly gay minister, only to find out it had occurred before the broadcast began.

To add insult to injury, reports state that the audio during the invocation on the site was very poor meaning the bulk of the crowd that attended the event couldn't hear the Bishop's words. Sometimes things just don't right even for Barack Obama. Looking forward to an official response from the Obama team today.

Perhaps its just one of those things on the road to equality...

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