William Ayres stopped at the border

Memo to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

On the eve of Obama's inauguration, Canada's government bans William Ayres from entry to this country. What the heck is going on in Ottawa?

Have we capitulated so much to the Bush Security agenda? Canada has lost a great deal today. Ayres has paid the price for his crime. He is a respected member citizen in Chicago. He teaches at a University.

How many more are being denied entry. And who was the smart a-s that said this will teach those lefty folks on the eve of one of the most historic days in American history.

Its clear Canada has slipped. We have allowed George W Bush and his war machine to dictate Canadian internal affairs. I am very ticked and frustrated.

Memo to Harper, GW is gone tomorrow at noon. Check out the The John Oakley Show! Click HERE for the exclusive interview!


Niniane said...

hahah you are a liberal pussy

Chimera said...

First I've heard of this, Rick. Have you got a news link? I tried Google and got nothing.

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LOL! How fitting!