Do you want good news first? Washington State yes to gays

Gays win in Washington, lose in Maine

In the two big election events held in the USA yesterday an anti gay marriage victory in Maine and in Washington State "everything but marriage" passed.

The Maine vote was seen to have a good chance of succeeding. It almost did. Just after midnight with 82% Reporting 52.36% opposed gay marriage and 47.64% supported it. It appears to be lost.

Washington State's vote was 51.9% for "Gay Marriage" and 48.10% opposed. A victory to celebrate. The referendum confers all State and local rights of marriage to same-sex couples in registered domestic partnerships.

In Houston, Lesbian Parker was the top vote getter with 30% of the vote. She will take on the runner up in a run off in the weeks ahead...

... and in Chapel Hill, NC openly gay man Mark Kleinschmidt is going to be the next mayor. See Pam's House.

For more on queer victories in the USA go to gaypolitics.com.

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