Queer Mayor for Houston Texas? No way right?

It could be a big night for gays across the USA tonight. Two gay marriage votes are happening, one in Maine, the second in Washington State. In Houston Texas a lesbian, Annise Parker is leading the voting as I write this.

Yes deep in the heart of Texas a Lesbian could become the Mayor of Houston, America's forth largest city. That's got to be something for Bush and Dick Armey to choke on.

Tonight is the night when voters in Maine could become the first voters in the country to sanction gay marriage. Washington State follows a few hours later.

It's looking like a good night for us, a bad night for the religious bigots and their immoral minority. Hey it will be a minority soon...

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ranpax said...

You people that have this either heriditary or congenital illness, are to be pitied. To celebrate something that you know, undertheath your heavy pain you live with 24 hours a day, and eating you up with the hatred you show,is so obvious. I really feel sorry for an existence that forces someone to show this hatred to cover up for your feeling of extreme human inadequacy. These comments are obvious statements of this. When the end is near, I hope you are thinking really hard about the priviledge of life and how it was designed to be lived by your creator. Think hard now instead of being tormented when that time comes.