“our Father, who art in heaven”

That's what could be used to begin every council meeting of the Lanark County. Lanark County Warden Paul Dulmage announced a week ago he plans to introduce a motion to that effect. My Zeus what is happening to this country of Canada. In a couple of hours the House of Commons will be voting to end the long gun registry and now I read that the community I spend half my time in when I escape the Centre of the Universe (that's you Toronto) for three or four days a week has decided to stuff some other god down my throat.

It was only a few weeks ago I read that some anti-gay christian radical dude that wants to ban books about gay families was appointed to sit on the Library board in Eganville an hour away from Lanark. The world is changing but not for the better.

It kind of makes me wonder if Canada is caught in the BUSH era. It also says that there is no way on Estre's green earth we can let Harper gain a majority government. I mean it would be all of rich fat dead leader of the moral majority's wet dreams come true.

And then there is the Senate. This ought to scare a few folks here.

Wake up folks, don't you see that the land is being taken over by the Leave it to beaver crowd. Soon we won't even be able to toke up to take away these awful maladies if we don't do something.

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