Greenpeace, Dalton and Jason...

It's important to look at "breaking News" with a careful eye. Like if you hear that Stockwell Day will be opening the gay games, check around before you run with it. So when news of Greenpeace endorsing Nuclear power in the Tar Sands extraction process, you have to know its a hoax.

Or maybe you are just dying to get some cred for Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal "We don't stand for anything" government. So our buddy Jason posted to facebook this...

"Jason Cherniak Dalton McGuinty (and all Liberals who support nuclear power) will be celebrating tonight http://bit.ly/67vkDK @KyleHarrietha"
That was a good one, see Jason use to blog and now I wish he still did. I mean it would have been priceless reading about Dalton "I mean nothing" McGuinty being vindicated by Greenpeace...

In true pit-bull fashion, Jason admits, "wasn't sure when I posted it, but it's too good a story to ignore".

Its kinda like the Liberal Party of Canada's contest that saw a couple too many, inappropriate depictions of Harper, appear on the official LPC website.

I guess you could say, All's fair in Love and War.

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