Parker new Mayor of Texas

Houston did it

There's a new sheriff in town....

No kidding, now the forth largest American city has a woman as Mayor and guess what, she is a lesbian. Take that Mr. Richard Keith "Dick" Armey. Armey once called out gay congressman Barney Frank, "Barney Fag".

City Controller Annise Parker made history Saturday by being elected Houston's first openly gay mayor, seizing 53.6 percent of the vote in the hotly contested race. - Proud Parenting

Parker a Democrat was running against another Democrat for the Mayor's job. Her opponent, Gene Locke looked to take advantage of Parker's sexual orientation. Two key Locke supporters were found to have contributed money to an anti-gay organization that was mailing leaflets condemning gays and lesbians and Parker's endorsement by queer groups.

Looks like it did not work...

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