LPC says good bye to winning anything

The LPC has just said goodbye to seats in BC and allowed an in for the NDP in the 416 area code, while solidifying NDP seats in the rest of the province. HST passes in the House of Commons.

Just how silly can the LPCers get?

CBC News Alert HST vote passes in House of Commons

A majority of MPs have voted in favour of a harmonized sales tax for Ontario and British Columbia, passing a ways-and-means motion to combine the GST and provincial sales tax in those provinces. The Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Québécois supported the motion, while the NDP opposed it.

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Anonymous said...

Write or call your Liberal MP a.s.a.p. If you don't have a Liberal MP in your riding, choose your kids riding, especially go after the youngest members, such as Mark Holland in Ajax.
They better think hard, very hard about this one.