Baird was outed by Christian web site

A little more digging on the reporting of John Baird's gayness. I remembered an article on Lifesite that attacked the Harper government for not being "social conservative" enough.

Here are some comments deep into a report ...

"Harper rejected the candidacy of pro-marriage candidate John Pacheco during the Dec. 2005 Ottawa West nominations in order to protect the party’s star candidate, homosexual activist John Baird. Baird is a gay activist and staunch proponent of homosexual 'marriage'. In the provincial legislature Baird spoke in favour of a provincial gay marriage law striking the words "husband" and "wife" from all Ontario legislation. In the legislature Baird went so far as to heckle one of his own provincial Conservative colleagues who opposed the gay marriage law.

In 2003 Baird was asked by Stephen Harper to serve as co-chair for his leadership campaign. And in the federal election of 2004, John was again asked by Stephen Harper to serve as Ontario co-chair for the National Campaign." - Life Site June 27, 2006

Incidently, when I put the link to the story below on facebook, they ask you to type two words to be sure you are a person and not a machine. Here is a pic of those two words that came up for me... Do you think facebook is that intuitive?

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kirbycairo said...

We all know Baird is gay. It is clearly his public supression of these feelings that explain his brutal and abusive personality. If he just came out of the closet he might be a nicer gay. . . I mean guy.