Canada's Own the Podium but not Homes Program

Queerthoughts may well be onto something here. Tonya Harding was seen in a boxing match recently. Her opponent was some weak ass liberal whiner. Harding knows how to get the job done and may well have been the Architect behind the Own the Podium in Vancouver this year.

I have contacted Prime Minister Harper's office to confirm the alledged rumour that I have started here. I have yet to receive a return call denying that Tonya Harding was hired as a consultant to implement Canada's "Own the Podium" program.

A reliable source tells me that Canada was looking for a proven results oriented leader to lead the program. Harding would be just the sort that has good ties to those that play by their own rules, someone that Stephen Harper could get along with.

In other news Canada's conservative Finance Minister plans to clamp down on people buying homes, while doing nothing to stop Visa from charging more than 21% or Canadian Tire charging 28.9 % interest.


Simon said...

hi Ricky...I HATE that Own the Podium name. For starters it's crass, vulgar and Amerikan. And secondly, and even more alarmingly, I believe it's motivating our competitors... ;)

Rick Barnes said...

I detest the name of the program as well. It seems unsportsman like. So many of my friends are totally turned off as a result.

I am surprised the harper Govt is not selling the podium...

kirbycairo said...

I say take the podium apart and make inexpensive social housing out of the wood, melt down all the metals and buy some groceries for malnourished east side kids, strap Gordon Campbell to a luge and send him down the track and liquidate the IOC, sell all the assets and give the money to the Haitian Earthquake victims.