22 cents for a bullet

What to make of the USA.  A Glock 19 costs anywhere from $150 to 400 used.  A new gun would cost around $500.  That's less than an iPhone, an airline ticket from Toronto to Vancouver return, or two tickets to see the Toronto Maple leafs.  But hey, once you get it, its cheap. 

The Last Word pointed out that bought in bulk a bullet for a Glock 19 would cost about 22 cents.  22 cents for a bullet.  22 cents to take a life.  22 cents to destroy not only who you have shot, but all those nearby, their family, friends, all changed forever because of a 22 cent bullet.  Imagine the number of people you could affect with ten bullets, or twenty...   

Now just imagine you tell people what to do...

you have to reload...

Once you have reloaded you need to know what the target is, right? 

Fortunately there were people to tell us

Sarah Palin did it on her website and on facebook...  here is a pic from her facebook.

Yeppers, there is the target, Giffords.  A right wing democrat in Arizona needed to be taken out. 

Now if you think about it, you could actually take out a few legislators easily.  First you would likely need at least five or six folks that hear the subtext clearly.  You need that many as its unlikely one could knock off five or six targets.  So six targets require a total of six guns at say $400 each and 20 to 30 bullets each.  If you buy bulk thats only $4.40 per target for bullets. 

Now call me crazy, but $404.40 is a cheap election plan...

So now before you go off and say it wasn't Sarah Palin's fault some crazy guy shot Giffords and murdered several others, I agree, at least I agree she isn't directly responsible.

The whole debate around health care in the United States was crazy.  People showing up with guns at rallys, people shouting down and threatening congress members at town halls or those that supported health care reform.  Giffords own office was attacked.

The willful "ignorance of republicans and media, they refused to condemn the violence, they let it get out of control, they inflamed the masses with talk of targets and the need to reload, are at least a party to the crime.

How many republicans that know Obama is a Christian, when asked state, "Well he says he is."  When asked if Obama is an American, say "He says he is."  These people are happy if voters think Obama is a secret Muslam, they are happy that voters believe Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.  They are happy to believe people like Giffords are an enemy of the people.  They are happy people believe lies that Obama and Giffords are socialists. 

They have helped fuel an angry response to politicians, especially Democratic Party politicians.  Using phrases like Kill Obama care, Target, Reload, set your sites, This is just the first salvo in a fight, all have us where we are today.

Of course Palin did not have any direct influence over this latest tragedy.  The Republicans did not have any direct influence either.  Its the climate they helped create for political advantage.  I dare say we have another meaning for climate change now.    

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