Mr. Vellacott, you have no idea what a closet is

Today we read in the Ottawa Sun that a Conservative MP from Saskatchewan has condemned the recent court decision that said a public official can not discriminate against queers.

Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott told the Sun, "The inference here (is) you can hold these beliefs and freedom to worship just long as it doesn't affect your life or how you live out your life. And that obviously is a serious problem,... It sets up a hierarchy of rights saying these same-sex rights are more important than freedom of conscience and religion."
Vellacott was referring to the Saskatchewan court of Appeal decision that upheld a complaint from a gay couple  who contacted a marriage commissioner seeking to get married.  The Marriage Commissioner refused them stating his religious beliefs.

MP Vellacott's idea is that if you believe gays will burn in hell then you should also be able to refuse them services.  His argument is age old, has been used for decades in an attempt to avoid recognizing the rights of minorities.

If you work for or deliver services authorized by the government, you have to provide them to everyone.  You can not cherry-pick who is deserving of having their rights respected.  Vellacott has just delivered another example of the mean spirited and single minded agenda of Canada's version of the Republican party.

The Conservative MP went onto say, "We talk about people being in the closet, well now they are saying somebody of a faith perspective is supposed to keep it in the closet."  Mr. Vellacott you have no idea what a closet is.  

We have to ensure the defeat of the conservatives in the next election.  A majority Harper government would be a serious set back for Canada and our rights and freedoms.

Remember, your rights are only as good as the next election.

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A BCer in Toronto has more -
Of course, this isn't the first silliness from Vellacott. Here's his theory on abortion:
Pro-life feminists have also come to see abortion as part of a male agenda to have women more sexually available.
Anyway, stay tuned for future editions of Laws the Law and Order Conservatives Think Don't Count, and Should be Ignored.

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