Its a State Funeral

Jack died 22 hours ago.  Like many I was stunned.  I thought I had prepared for the news I knew in my heart it would likely come soon.I had my fingers crossed, I guess I wanted him back soon

He was an original. He was there for all of us. A man who practised what he preached.  A recurring theme from folks in other political parties today was that Jack would fight hard on something, but he was always approachable.

Maybe the reason Jack has a State Funeral is that Prime Minister Stephen Harper could see it would be just wrong not to have one.  Jack will be the first leader of the opposition to be granted a state funeral.

Jack and Olivia have one more public event to get through. And so do we.

Here is a link to those who have received State Funerals.


mikelondoncan said...

Over the last 20 hours I've had to digest this, I've been overcome with a huge sense of grief as time has gone on. JL championed the causes that I've always felt close to my heart. Homelessness, inequality, LGBT rights, and the list goes on. It's a very sad day for Canada. That said, JL would never want us to mourn. It's our duty and obligation to keep fighting for the causes we hold deeply in our hearts.

janfromthebruce said...

I'm sobbing again - "Jack & Olivia have one more public event & so do we" - oh god....

Anonymous said...

Olivia's pretty little face and handsome Jack, they were a wonderful couple to see. Their devotion to each other, was totally out there. That was another thing I loved about Jack and Olivia.

Jack was our anchor. He was our hope, to save Canada. However, we know his team, really respected Jack, they had a lot of faith in him. When enough of his teams sorrow has passed, they will pick up Jacks wisdom, and soldier on. Jack would have wanted us, to work with, and support his team.