Take out six Wisconsin Senators today!

Wisconsin voters go to the polls Tuesday to recall six Republican state Senators.

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO lists some of the dirty tricks perpetrated by the right wing and allies of Gov Scott Walker and his rich buddies the KOCH Brothers1
  • Americans for Prosperity sending absentee ballot mailings with the incorrect election date.

  • Right to Life handing out monetary gifts to their volunteers based on how many absentee ballots they can obtain completed for their candidates. State law prohibits giving anything of value to any voter “or any other person” to induce someone to vote.
  • A right-wing third party “election bullying” scheme training poll volunteers with incorrect information on how to challenge voters at polling places, which could lead to intimidation at the ballot box.

Elections today will be held in these six districts...
  • District 2: Sen. Robert Cowles (R) vs. Nancy Nusbaum (D)
  • District 8: Sen. Alberta Darling (R) vs. Rep. Sandy Pasch (D)
  • District 10: Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R) vs. Shelly Moore (D)
  • District 14: Sen. Luther Olsen (R) vs. Rep. Fred Clark (D)
  • District 18: Sen. Randy Hopper (R) vs. Jessica King (D)
  • District 32: Sen. Dan Kapanke (R) vs. Rep. Jennifer Shilling (D)
Not sure where to vote or what you may need to have with you too vote.  Do not use information supplied to you from people you do not know or trust. (See dirty tricks above.)  Go to the Wisconsin Government site for Voter Accesshttps://vpa.wi.gov/


Anonymous said...

There may be some legitimacy to the recall, but the 'national' involvement of Big Labour is a bit scary.

Rick Barnes said...

The involvement of "big" Labour can only work to maybe come close evening the floor. The KOCH brothers and large "grassroots" orgs that are almost entirely funded by big secret corporate interests is far more scary.

At least with unions you know where the money is coming from. Try finding out who is funding Americans for prosperity.