Dalton McGuinty Fails to lead

The McGuinty Liberal government in Ontario wants unions to take zero in wage and benefits.  The reason being, the province is having a tough time balancing the budget.  I get it.  So do lots of union members.

The last election, Dalton McGuinty received incredible support from unions and their membership. At no time during the election did McGuinty ever state that the province will have to seriously reduce spending.  In fact McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals proposed during the election to spend billions!  The increased spending was either in the form of cutting taxes for corporations or in new program spending.

It is inconceivable that he or his finance minister did not know they could not in fact implement their platform.
The Liberals went into the election knowing full well they could not deliver.  To help soften the blow they brought a retired Bank executive to suggest deep cuts and restraint measures.

The end result is Dalton saying that unions have to take less, that Ontarians have to accept fewer services.
I get that. If its that tough then yes, lets all tighten our belts.  Now guess who doesn't have to tighten their belts? Liberal MPPs thats who.

Every single MPP on the Liberal side of Queen's Park is a Parliamentary Secretary or Cabinet Minister. During tough times, when workers are being asked to cut back, don't you think the Premier of Ontario would lead by example?  Don't you think MPPs could do the work needed without a bonus added to their already way higher than average salary?

I guess asking the Ontario Liberals and Dalton McGuinty to accept less is just wrong.

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