I was mean...

Two things happened within minutes.  First someone posted a picture on my facebook that was homophobic. Then I myself made a bad joke with a friend who is male and has wonderfully long hair.  I teased him and said he looked like a girl.

I was wrong. It was not nice and since he had been teased a great deal about it as a young boy, he has always been sensitive to comments made about him in that respect.  Its no different than the many other ways we make fun of people.  Its not funny.  Even if we think it might be we need to stop and think before we say things.

I am often thought of as being a considerate person, today I screwed up and made someone feel bad.  That was not what I wanted to happen, I did it and now I hope I learned.  I hope you don't have to say sorry for something you say that could hurt someones feelings.  

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