IOC Dick Pound says, At least in Russia you aren't put to death for being gay

Canadian and IOC member Dick Pound in an article published by Metro, equates violence against gay men in Russia to lack of gay marriage in some states in the United States.  He did that, Pound also suggests that you wont be put to death in Russia like you would be Malaysia. 

Dick Pound IOC Member
“In Malaysia, you can be put to death. In Nigeria, you can be put in jail for God knows how long,” Pound said. “So it’s a target of convenience with respect to Russia, not that I approve of the law, but putting it on a scale of 1-10 of odious laws, it’s not way up there near 10.” 

Pound said much of the anti-Russia gay stand emanates from the United States, where, Pound says, only a handful of states allow same-sex marriage.
Read the full article in Metro here 

Sochi ‘anti-gay stuff’ overstated, IOC’s Dick Pound says

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