Ontario Liberal's Misinformation - Campaign ad misses the context

The minimum wage battle goes on in Ontario.  Recently the Liberal government agreed to raise the wage to $11.00 per hour and plan to bring in legislation to index it to inflation.  There is little need to know that Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are trying to make hay out of this.  They have in fact ensured that those receiving minimum wage will remain below the poverty line, setting the wage at $11.00/hour.

The wage could be set to go up at a certain rate plus inflation over a period of time to allow employers to absorb the increased cost.  That is what the Liberals did when they raised the wage several years ago. Now after four years at $10.25/hour, the Liberals are back peddling.

We're nearing the end of two by-elections, the Liberals are desperate to win one of the seats.  They are behind in Niagara by all accounts and Thornhill will likely remain Conservative. So now the Liberals are using selected quotes, out of context, in campaign literature in a desperate attack on the NDP in Niagara Falls.

Ontario Liberals misinformation - campaign advertising
Note the quote of Sheila Block in this production sent out on twitter by The Liberals.

What the Liberals do not tell you is what else Sheila Block said.

"Indexing the minimum wage to inflation is an important first step. Now that it has received advice; the Wynne government needs to step up to the plate with a concrete plan to move the minimum wage up above the poverty line for those who are working full-time and full year, and to cement those gains by indexing that higher wage to inflation." - Sheila Block, Wellesley Institute.  

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