Gay Web Radio

I discovered this great music station on the web. Free to listen too. For those of you that like to dance, like to move to music this is it. Likely those of you in my late baby boomer stage would love it and my 21 year old daughter was groovin too.

The station caters to a gay audiance, yet I think all you Queer as Folk fans will like this too.

Check them out. WFAG has several DJ's all of them fun! Exciting and just plain good. Alternative Electronic Mainstream Club Hip-Hop/Rap Pop/Rock: R & B/Soul:

Top ten songs

WFAG Radio
Madonna ~ Hung Up
Deborah Cox ~ House is Not A Home
Kelly Clarkson ~ Beacause of You
Lasgo ~ Lying
Georgie Porgie ~ Love Is Gonna Save The Day
Simon and Shaker ~ Walk into The Room
TaTu ~ Friend or Foe
Taxi Doll ~ Waiting
Donna Summer ~ I Feel For Love
Roxette Vs Dancing Djs ~ Fading Like a Flower

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Chimera said...

There's entirely too much energy in this music for my old bones... I had it playing for about half an hour, then I had to go take a nap...

Oh, by the way, Rick -- TAG:


Anonymous said...

Hey Chimera ~ Check out G.I.R.L. ~ GayInternetRadioLiv.com I listen there all the time. It's pretty cool and has a little of everything.