Holy Anus Christian Batman!

'Holy Anus' stirs up unholy row

Cape Town - Well-known campaigner against homosexuality Dr Peet Botha has come under fire because a section in his latest book is entitled The Anus is Holy.

I did not make this up, its a church battle going on in South Africa. The Dutch Reformed Church is currently considering its stance on homosexuality, having made clear their stance on Heterosexuality a few hundred years ago.

In the midst of these deliberations Dr. Botha has released a new book on why the Church should not change their position on homosexuality. The Chapter in the book entitled The Holy Anus has ticked off both gay activists and church members alike.

The convener of the Dutch Reformed Church's task team on homosexuality, Dr André Bartlett, also spoke up and accused Botha of inaccurate research.

I wonder if it will catch on like Holy Cow!

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