Tab Hunter Teen Idol tells it in book

Who didn't know? Tab Hunter is gay. Okay so many have known for years now and he has a new book out to tell his story. Hunter told the SF Gate ...

"I had to get the book out there. I didn't want some schmuck writing about me after I'd died and gone."
Hunter who is 74 reveils some of his flings and the closeted life he led to protect his career. As many of us want to claim these guys as our heros we should also understand their personal struggle and what the costs were.
Outing gay people is just wrong whatever the end point we wish to get too. There is one exception I support outing. When the person is actively fighting against gay rights. They should keep their mouths shut then. If you can't then out them!

Ballet star Rudolf Nureyev we learn in Tab Hunter Confidential had a fling with Tab. The photo shows the two of them enjoying the water.

The photo above is from Algonquin books, the publisher of "Tab Hunter confidential: The making of a Movie Star" You will find it at SF Gate Here.

For a list of Tab Hunter movies go to his website here.

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Chimera said...

The movie website link doesn't work, Rick...

One of my favorite movies is "Lafayette Escadrille." Now that you've reminded me, I'll have to go see if it's available on DVD! Very apt for the time of year, too (Remembrance Day).

Rick Barnes said...

link works now. Thanks!