Who set this table?

This table is for sale on eBay.

Can you tell if the picture was taken by a man or a woman?

Put your answers below. I will post the answer tomorrow.

Look at the picture carefully. There are many clues!


Anonymous said...

It was a man, for sure, I know why but will post later.

Very cute Rick!


Chimera said...

Pic was taken by a man. And I probably found out in a different way from John...

I'll also post my reason tomorrow (and no, I haven't seen it before).

Definitely cute!

Anonymous said...

Overweight Gay man in his fifties or sixties with questionable taste. If the decor doesn't give it away, I know what else does.

Chimera said...

Okay, I said I'd post my reason for saying this picture was taken by a man. Anonymous and Bruce probably checked the mirror in the upper left corner of the picture.

So did I, but my eyesight with a computer screen isn't what it is normally, so I had a difficult time seeing anything except that there was a mirror in the picture, and the photographer took his own picture ("his" being default lingo for I-don't-know-whether-it's-a-man-or-woman-so-we'll-call-it-a-man-for-now).

Right click on the picture. Select properties (at the bottom of the dialog box). At the top of the next box it says:


That's how I knew it was a man. A naked man, no less!

This trick doesn't always work, but it comes in handy once in awhile...

Rick Barnes said...

you folks are all so smart!

You can see the reflection of a mani in the mirrir taking a phot of the table. Bad taste aside, it was a man!