Colorado sticks it to gays

A domestic-partnership license in Colorado will set you back five times what a marriage license costs. Now what would be the logic in that. One is tempted to say "Only in America" when you see this kind of thing happening.

Marriage licenses $10.
Domestic-partnership licenses $52.
Republican mean spiritedness Priceless

The rational used to charge a fee 5 times more for a domestic partnership is to create a defense fund within the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The State of Colorado is charging a minority group a fee to protect their rights when its the duty of the State to protect everyones rights.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that some people likened it to a "poll tax once charged to Southern blacks during the segregation era to exercise their right to vote".

Republicans added the measure claiming the State would have to deal with discrimination cases as a result of the rights afforded gays, lesbians and Trans people. Republican Rep. Bill Crane told Rocky Maountain News, "Some people would view these types of relationships as abnormal and would not want their taxpayer dollars used in this endeavor."

I was tempted to say "Only in America" instead I think I will say "God Bless only straight America".

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HDcanuck said...

Maybe they should start charging Blacks to use the water fountain too.

BC WaterBoy said...

Hopefully in a decade or so, people will look back in disgust at what is happening across the United States against its gay and lesbian citizens. Funny how history has a way of repeating itself, over and over and over...

BlueBerry Pick'n said...

We're talking about Colorado.

the State that herded Rainbow Children...

& laid down TIME on guys for EATING FROM DUMPSTERS.

I shit you not.
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