Texas Tickle or the new Texas Two Step

By now most of you have heard the lyrics to Willie Nelson's recording of "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)". And that has tickled some Texan folks a bit the wrong way. Wonder why that would be hey cowboy? How can you argue with Willie many would ask? I mean who is more Texan - George W Bush or Willie Nelson? Does George junior match the iconic stature of either Willie or his buddy Darrell Royal, the famed head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns...

"Willie is a character, but he's ours" is the heading of a column written by JOHN KELSO of Cox News Service this past Thursday, March 02, 2006.
What set Scott off was a song Willie came out with recently called "Cowboys Are Secretly, Frequently (Fond of Each Other)." Hey, I would have preferred it if Willie had done a song called, "How 'Bout That Bears Game?" But what the heck? "I don't hate the guy," Scott said. "But then, when he came out with that song. And he says cowboys want to show their feminine side. Give me a break."

Now don't get the wrong idea here. I am not sugggesting Willie or Darrel have something going so to speak, they happen to be buddies and if Willie Nelson can sing about gay cowboys even if he isn't one and can be buddies with one of the gridiron's favourite sons and two straight actors can make us believe they are in love with each other over there on Brokeback Mountain, you have to accept that this just might be the beginning of the end of the compassionate conservative world as we know it.

I may be ahead of myself here as lots of work lays ahead of us. GWB still sits in the White House and he has enough friends in Congress that suffer from self inflicted gag responses at the mere mention of cowboys making out with each other. Heck even some good ole boys in the Donkey party gag.

Now all we need would be a few of you queer boys and Brokeback cowboys to get involved, sign up and work in 2006 to defeat some of these gagers. I have a whole list of links to Help America posted at Politics in BC. You will find them in the sidebar.

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