NHL Hockey is going Pink

Hockey is going Pink

Yep tonight and Sunday hockey players, as many as four hundred of them in the NHL will use Pink Sticks. Now Pink is not a colour one expects in the NHL, what with all the macho boys there. It's not what you may think.

In an effort to raise awareness and money for breast cancer, Hockey manufacturer TPS Hockey, is spending $50,000 to fund the "think pink" movement, which came to fruition shortly after the death of Phyllis Gretzky, Wayne's mother, who died from cancer this year and owner Paul Walker's sister.

The company is contributing the $50,000 cost of the sticks and paint. Sydney Crosby and Mats Sundin are in the pink. The sticks used in games this weekend will be sold at auction for Breast Cancer research.

And if your are interested in Gay guys playing hockey, (they don't use pink sticks) you can check it out here at Gay Hockey International.

You can also take in some top rate hockey this summer as gay and lesbain hockey players take part in the 1st World Out Games in Montreal this summer!

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