It happened just this way ...
"When I went for the job in Ottawa, my mother (I wasn't sure that I wanted
the job)-my mother is sometimes really quite amazing-she said, "Oh just wear
drag, they'll never hire you in drag." So I just got dressed up in some of my
finest drag and went off to the job interview. And they hired me! So I thought,
if I got hired in drag, I can now work in drag, so for the first few years that
I taught at the University of Ottawa I was in drag every day. And knock wood I
never got the shit kicked out of me. I'm a big man, so people didn't quite know
what to do with a big man with a beard in a dress."
Artist Evergon in an interview at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, by Bill Pusztai

Think about that, in 1972 this man went to a University dressed in drag everyday and taught his students. Evergon is one of Canada's most famous photographic artists. What's the chance that would happen today in Canada, and just for fun, what is the chance it would happen in the USA?

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Scout said...

evergon but never forgotten. you could try it today in canada, but then the u.s. might order you to cease and desist....something to do with nafta no doubt.

Jill said...

Rick: where are you? Ok I guess I will post this here. What is going on in Quesnel? Could you check this story out? Apparently a gay bashing happened at xmas time and we are just hearing about it now. Now they are asking for the publics assistance in the case, four months later? Is this the usual scam bs, or is there an actual reason? Why don't we hear about gay bashings right when they happen? I want to know why the public isn't educated in the fact that a gay bashing can happen to a "straight" person that is assumed to be gay!! Ok I'm a little choked! Rant rant rant!

matty said...

Love the blog --- hmmmm. Can't answer for Canada, but I don't think it would work in the US unless you're talking about here in San Francisco. An individual in drag with the right credentials and talent could snag the job. No one cares in SF, but outside of the fog it would be a most definite issue. Sad. ...but, if I must live in the US I am glad to live in this city.