GOP Sex Scandal - News that says WTF

Anti-Gay Conservative, GOP Bill Johnson, donated sperm to lesbians.  The guy travelled to New Zealand and was shopping his sperm over the Internet.  He managed to donate to nine women in all, including some lesbians.
Bill Johnson

It seems he is married to a woman that can not have children and he felt the need to spread his seed. Trouble is he didn't share this with his wife.  Trouble is he was opposed to gays marrying, but had no problem donating his sperm to lesbians.

He is a hypocrite if I may be so bold. I really don't care what these guys do in the personal lives.  It becomes an issue for me when they feel they can say and enact laws against people then do something different in their personal lives.  If they stopped doing that, I would leave them alone on the personal lives aspect.

Anti-Gay Conservative Donated Sperm To Lesbians

Alabama politician Bill Johnson caught in sperm donation scandal in New Zealand

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