McGuinty and Harper making it worse for Queer kids

It's a crime. While Stephen Harper and his government are building prions to put pot smokers in jail, they are ignoring the plight of many young people in this country. While the Harper Government ramps up the new program to speak out for religious freedom around the world, the Ontario Liberal government is finding ways to allow systemic, may I say religious passive genocide against queer kids. They do that by allowing the Catholic Church to continue to teach gay is bad, that you gays can have a club, but it can not be called the Gay straight Alliance or the rainbow group or the queer Clan. Perhaps in McGuinty's world we can call it the FHnN, (Faggots have No Name").

Those are tough words. In polite society one would not say this. Can any of you say I am too hard in my views? Can you defend the endless numbers of attempted and unfortunately successful suicides due to bullying and perceived/understood homosexuality?

Our society doesn't care. Look at the case of the young girl in Quebec that just killed herself, Quebec teen bullying victim laid to rest | CTV News. Read the stories on this blog. Watch this you tube video posted by a boy headed to the eigth grade.

Think about the previous post to this one. Three very powerful US politicians have stated that they will investigate the gay community. Investigate them for what?

The boy in the video may not be gay. He could be gay. He could be straight. What's missing from our society is that he is a boy. No boy or girl should suffer like this.

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