Steven Hennessy 1958 - 2002

World AIDS Day -   Steven, he made me laugh, cry and love. He was special, like so many others. He was brave, stronger than me.  I miss you Steven.
Stephanie, Steven and me

To where you are Steven


Cheyenne Barnes-Toews said...

My uncle is Steven, i miss him truly but we have stephanie in our lifes which makes up for it. I love you uncle your my angel above, my uncle rick is so strong to deal with that, i remember he said we have to be strong at teh funeral. Ill always remember dino land. Never will you be forgotten! i just wish you would have got to meet my children and my husband. I love you and miss you <3

Ricky Barnes said...

I don't know how i missed your comment Cheyenne. I sure remember Dino land. You and Kyla made it easy for Steven and I to be little kids again.

Steven would be so happy that you have done so well. I am too!