He could be your son or daughter...

I posted this video last night.  A young boy going into grade eight. He is scared.  Lots of people call him names. This is bullying.  This is wrong.  I wish I could reach out and hug this boy.  He needs support.  He needs a safe place to be.

You can see that he has put a lot of thought into his video.  He made up all of the cards. He choose the music. I suspect he could not have said out loud what he wrote on the cards.

This young man is not expendable. He should not be left to fend for himself. As it stands he is alone against the world. He is reaching out.

He is in every school in the land. Help him in those schools.

The video is here. Watch it.  He could be your son or daughter. He could be your brother or sister. He could be your neighbour or your friend.  He could be your student.

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