AIDS Awareness week

AIDS Awareness week is upon us again. World AIDS Day is on December 1, 2004. You will find events right across the world, memorials, protests, celebrations and gatherings to support those living with and or affected by HIV/AIDS.

On November 30, in Vancouver the formal dedication of the AIDS Memorial will take place at 11:30am. My partner Steven Hennessy is remembered on this memorial. If you have a chance, go see the memorial at Sunset Beach, Vancouver.

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) has produced a series of public service announcements that are pretty compelling. I have linked two of them here and provided a direct link to CAAN.

Please take time to listen to them.

In memory of Steven Bryan Hennessy 1958 - 2002

Messages from the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Duane Morriesseau-Beck
Duane Morriesseau-Beck is 34,
two-spirited, Metis
and lives with HIV.

Audla Geetah-Cyr
Audla Geetah-Cyr is a 15 year old Inuk whose mother died of AIDS when he was 4. Here is Audla’s radio message on HIV / AIDS, Fear, Discrimination.

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