Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

Some Greek guys are fuming. It appears the greatest Greek of all is gay. Oliver Stone has suggested Alexander was bisexual in thenew movie coming out this holiday.

Alexander was a military leader who married princesses of former Persian territories including Roxana of Bactria,the daughter of Parysatis,Ochus and the daughter of Darius III, Statira.

We know however that Alexander's greatest emotional attachment was too his companion, cavalry commander and likely lover, Hephaestion. Hephaestion and Alexander were friends from childhood. We know that Hephaestion was educated at Alexander's father's court. Hephaestion is first referred to when Alexander reaches Troy.

We also know that Hephaestion and Alexander made sacrifices at the shrines of the legendary lovers Achilles and Patroclus.

Alexander had also become involved with another man, Bagoas. This was well known among his men. It is recorded that on a trip back from India, Alexander's men called on him to kiss Bagoas during a feast. Alexander treated Bagoas well. He was appointed to oversee and fund the construction of Alexander's fleet.

Historians and others suggesting Alexander was "straight" hang their arguments on his marriages and the birth of his son, six months after his death. In the time of Alexander, many marriages of convenience were entered into by leaders. These marriages shored up alliances. It was seen as a means to securing peace and provided additional allies.

Ancient sources describe Alexander's relationships with Bagoas and Hephaestion as sexual. As with all our sources about the life of Alexander, they were written many hundred years after his death. This has many claiming it can not be established what the 'real' relationship between Alexander and his male companions was.

What is missed by some modern historians and those Greeks that are in denial of Alexander's sexuality is that the concept of homosexuality did not exist in Alexander's time. Sexual orientation as we know it today was not defined. Sex between males was seen as a normal. It was part of one's human nature since it was believed that men were attracted to the beauty of youth, regardless of gender.

Me, I believe, Alexander was gay.

Salut and In Pride
Rick Barnes

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