Gays Win Canada Pension Battle

The Ontario Court of Appeal decision released today says that limitations placed on survivors' benefits under the Canada Pension Plan are unconstitutional. The ruling states that the limitations on Gay's accessing CPP benefits in 68 pieces of legislation in 2000 were unconstitutional.

The Federal Government could challenge this issue by taking the case to the Supreme court. Such an action would show the Liberals caving into the the more conservative members of its ranks.

The decision that was made in Ontario was sound and unlikely to change at the Supreme Court level. Ottawa should now do the right thing and ammend the legislation passed in 2000.

Until that occurs, Ottawa will be discriminating against the gay community. One thing to keep in mind here, the money for CPP benefits is not public money, gays like other Canadians pay into this benefit. We deserve to benefit from our contributions.

Ontario Court of Appeal

Denying retroactive CPP benefits to widowed gays unconstitutional, court rules

Ontario court upholds CPP benefits for same-sex survivors

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