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Below are links to several interesting stories I posted to another web site called; Peace, Earth and Justice. This is a progressive site.

A Challenge To the LGBT Communities in the Aftermath of the U.S. Elections

A Challenge To the LGBT - Communities in the Aftermath of the U.S. Elections
Communities in the Aftermath of the U.S. Elections
Be A Queer for Four More Years by the Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon

Here we are. Many of us are disappointed, depressed, even devastated by the outcome of the election. We cannot imagine four more years and where we will be at the end of the four years. We look back, but o­nly long enough to learn from our mistakes. We may be discouraged for the moment, but we live o­n hope.

Comic book Green Arrow adds HIV Positive Sidekick

LOS ANGELES - Green Arrow comic to feature HIV-positive sidekick

In addition to fighting evil villains, o­ne comic book heroine will now have to battle her personal struggle against HIV.
Dispirited U.S. gays choosing Canada

They're calling it the gay drain. Hundreds of well-heeled gay and lesbian lawyers, professors, educators and film directors from the U.S. are immigrating to Canada, drawn by the country's recognition of same-sex rights, unions and benefits.
Fiddler eyes gay Alberta wedding

CALGARY -- Ashley MacIsaac, the outspoken, frequently controversial fiddler from Cape Breton, says he wants to get married in Alberta to protest the Conservative government's opposition to gay marriage.

Sex Change not covered

TORONTO -- o­ntario's Liberal government has "chickened out" of reinstating medicare coverage for sex change operations for fear of a public backlash, deputy NDP leader Marilyn Churley charged Thursday.

Poverty Contributes to HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS Contributes to Poverty

OTTAWA, o­n, October 15, 2004 – In 1987 the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was born when thousands of people gathered at the Human Rights Plaza in Paris, France.

The day, October 17, was formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. This year’s Canadian theme is, “Together, We Go Further”, which aims to bring together people from different walks of life to express our shared commitment to end poverty and to honour the efforts and accomplishments of those who struggle with poverty daily. The Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) is encouraging people to come together in the same spirit as those who gathered at the Human Rights Plaza in France and make it known that the HIV epidemic in Canada is also an epidemic of poverty.


Pattison Company Rejects AIDS Ads
VANCOUVER - Vancouver businessman Jimmy Pattison's billboard company has refused to run Canada's first national AIDS ad campaign targeting gay men.

Gay asylum-seeker rejected as too butch

A gay Mexican man plans to appeal for the second time a decision made by Canada's immigration body that said he could not get asylum because he was not "visibly effeminate."
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