Canadians set to welcome Bush

Canadians set to welcome Bush

George Bush has rejected the idea of addressing the Canadian Parliament. It is likely he has done this to avoid being heckled by Parliamentarians. It is extremely rare that a US President would avoid our Parliament and good news in this case that he has.

Canadians overwhelmingly reject the war in Iraq and they reject George Bush in his role as the world's biggest bully. Bush was soundly rejected in Chile recently and the noise you hear in Ottawa and across Canada when he arrives will be very Un-Canadian like.

It bothers many Canadians that it has come to this. We respect the American people, we enjoy may close ties and common purposes together. The largest trading relationship in the world is that which exists between our two countries.

Unfortunately many American's may view our noise next week as a rebuke of them. Let me assure Americans that this is not the case. The noise you here, the actions you see may be unpleasant, they are however being directed to and at the American President and his team of bullies.

Rick Barnes
Victoria BC

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Reject the Bush Agenda!
The Canadian Peace Alliance Announces Cross Canada Days of Action
During the Bush Visit
November 30th, December 1st

For Immediate Release:

Toronto: The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) is calling on the Martin Liberals to reject the Bush agenda and is asking its member groups to mobilize for cross-Canada days of action to coincide with the US President's visit to Ottawa, Nov. 30 - Dec 1.

Events will be organized from coast to coast to coast by people in Canada
who oppose the militarism that George W. Bush and his administration represent.

Paul Martin is being asked to sign on to the US Missile Defense (MD) plan
and to increase our involvement in Bush's wars abroad. These policies are
making the world a much more dangerous place. People in Canada are overwhelmingly
opposed to the war on Iraq and are committed to stopping any involvement in the MD scheme.

"We cannot allow our government to sign on to the policies of this US
administration." says, Sid Lacombe, coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance.
"Bush's policies have brought misery and destruction to millions around
the world. His agenda is not welcome here"

The CPA is asking all those who can come to Ottawa for Nov. 30 - Dec 1 to
begin organizing immediately. Those who cannot make the trip are urged to
plan actions in their regions.

For more information click on: The Canadian Peace Alliance


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