BC Law didn't Fail to pay Heed

BC politics has become stranger than fiction over the last few years. It use to be Wacky, then his son Bill took over proving wacky can be mean as well.

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals have taken things to new levels of deceit and utter disregard to democratic principles. The latest involves Kash Heed, Liberal star candidate in the 2009 election. Heed a former Vancouver Police Officer was named to cabinet as the Solicitor General. He resigned in April over an RCMP investigation into campaign illegalities done in Heed's name during the 2009 provincial election.

The whole story is here and here. It turns out the guy appointed by the government to investigate, works for a firm that has donated $17,000 to the BC Liberal Party over the last three years, including $1,000 to Mr. Heed himself. The Special prosecutor, Terrence Robertson knew this before he started yet still felt he could clear Heed of any wrong doing. Now perhaps Robertson was being honest here and did in fact find no evidence to implicate Mr. Heed. Then again, just what was he able to overlook and what was he unable to see.

Clearly this man should never have accepted the job. The BC Liberals and Gordon Campbell should have been aware of the connections between Mr. Robertson's firm and the BC Liberals financial successes. If they were aware of the financial largess from Mr. Robertson's firm, then it would appear they were asking, albeit indirectly, for someone that would be less harsh on Mr. Heed. Say it isn't so...

Now we here The Law Society of BC has announced it will investigate lawyer Terry Robertson. You can't make this up. As Red Rose would say "Pity, Only in BC you say."

I think I will start telling people here in Ontario, I am from Saskatchewan.


Simon said...

I think I will start telling people here in Ontario, I am from Saskatchewan.

No Ricky please please don't.Tell them you're from Quebec and I'll vouch for you. :)

J. C. said...

great blog