My rant

Its crazy here in Canada. We have an ever growing Christian lobbying effort in Ottawa. People that won't stop until Canada no longer allows abortions, says to queers of all kinds, get back in the closet and be lucky we don't do what the Muslims do in Iran.
Stephen Harper thinks he is fooling us all. In fact the mainstream media are fooling us. They act like Mr. Harper won an election. Hell, 66% of Canadians voted for someone other than Mr. Harper's party. Of course the Liberals have conceded to almost everything Harper has put forward. No wonder folks have the idea that Harper is an absolute ruler. The Libs are propping him up.  If Mr. Harper wins a Majority, it because of a completely inept Liberal party.

Iggy couldn't come up with a policy if Canada depended on it.  I guess that was a given.  The Liberals missed the boat going with this academic.  He waits for the results to come in months after a decision is needed.  Witness his late conversion on the road to Damascus, "the Harper Government has to go at all costs"  all the while, hoping the Harper government would not fall.  He was about a year late in that conversion.  Now he is at it again.  Supporting Conservative budgets. 

The only hope for people opposed to Harper is to vote NDP.  Not a bad choice given they have wrung concessions out of Harper and before him, Martin.  In fact they are the only ones in Parliament committed to making the place work.  Harper has a narrow agenda to get through, Iggy is protecting his own publicly paid housing across the street from Harper. 

The media need to start asking the tough questions of Harper, Ignatieff and Layton.  Make them answer and when they side step it go after them.  I know that Layton will be okay.  He at least has policies to refer people too. 

Imagine that, maybe we could focus on what each party would do if they were elected. 

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