Just what could the Campbell government do?

What will happen if the BC Liberals feel they are going in the tank next election?  Will big business and the other wealthy Libcon financiers suggest a big time fire sale.  Its no secret the big business in the province want to get rid of some nuisances as they see them to unfettered markets. 

Here are a few things that could come under review for possible sale/garage sale pricing.

ICBC - There is already competition for the lucrative non-basic coverage.  This is the most profitable piece to the vehicle insurance business.  What's to stop Campbell and company from selling shares in ICBC or an auction to the highest bidder in a contest to compete with ICBC.

BC Lottery Corp.  -  Ontario has looked at selling off its lottery business, why not BC?

BC Place stadium would be a nice asset to sell if the government swallows the debt portion of the place.

St.Paul's Hospital - The Libs and Providence Health Care have been trying to find a way to move the hospital from the West end of Vancouver for years so they can sell the property to developers. Too bad for those that live in the West end but wouldn't they prefer a bunch more million dollar condos on Burrard street to an old hospital?

BC Hydro - The private sector has been vexed for years, missing out in tens of millions in energy dollar profits because BC Hydro produces and transmits its power to consumers.

The Agriculture Land Commission, weakened after Bill Bennett came to power and then more so under Campbell, could be tweaked some more to allow more growing of condos and big box stores.

That's the short list.  There are many more opportunities for the Campbell Libcons.  Imagine the possibilities if they they think they are going to royally tossed from office next election.


Anonymous said...

They won't have time to do those things. We are tossing these right wing assholes in November!

Rick Barnes said...

Dear Anon,

Recall can begin in November. I hope it can be done in BC. I suspect that a few ridings it could happen.