Campbell's HST - Liberal nightmare

Oh my, its going to happen. BC has recall and initiative legislation. The only place in Canada to have it, yet the bar is very high. The people are going to force Premier Campbell to hold a province wide referendum or a vote in the legislature on the HST.

Premier Campbell has made this initiative an easy sell. Bill VanderZalm is leading an effort to force the government to rescind its plan to harmonize the GST with the PST. People don't like it and are fighting back.

Fight HST campaign organizers say they have signed up the minimum 10% of registered voters in 72 ridings. That leaves 13 to go before July 5th for their petition to succeed.


The Mound of Sound said...

I went down the other day to sign the petition and was surprised at what I saw. The tables were full of the very people who would have voted for Campbell before - centre and centre-right seniors - for whom this is indeed the straw that broke their camel's back. Not only are they walking out on Campbell in droves but they're already murmering about a recall campaign. It's too bad the NDP out here are such idiots. I think Carole James hurt them badly in the last election.

Rick Barnes said...

I guess we will see. In any event Campbell is done. The HST better be rolled back or the Libs will be done...