HST sets off a storm in the heart of LibCon BC

Here I am in the heart of Gordon Campbell voting folks, Kelowna BC,  three of the whitest ridings in all of Canada, where over 40% of voters are over 55.  Being from Toronto these days, I haven't seen this many white people since I dared walk through parts of Rosedale.  BC Liberals consistently poll 55% plus on a election day and the NDP 30%. 

To top off all the white folks living here, you have churches everywhere, its full of Sunday Christians.  This is a city that still "Leaves it to Beaver or Bennett." and thinks Brian Mulroney was a socialist. 

I gave you some background so you might understand an absolutely bizarre situation.  These people have never once dared vote for the CCF or NDP since 1945.  I managed a campaign here and we got 32%.  That was a huge vote.  The socialists are at the gates!

The anti-HST petition has been extremely successful here.  So much so that almost 30% of registered voters have signed the petition.  8700 people in all.  The other two Kelowna ridings are virtually identical in support for the petition.  If Gordon Campbell loses here, he is losing everywhere and Liberals that won for the first time in the last election are sweating bullets.  Can you blame them.  They ran in the birthplace of Social Credit, the home of former BC Premiers (Daddy) WAC Bennett and (baby) Bill Bennett.  The toughest thing for them was winning the nomination, the rest was a cake walk to Victoria. 

The petition, the first of its kind in Canada, is proving to be a big equalizer. People are mad about being lied to in the election, "We're not planning to implement the HST" to the actual tax that will see more people paying more taxes.  Restuarants will see bills go up 7%.  Home renos up 7%.  In fact many things previously exempt will be taxed.

The Liberals have brought a storm of biblical proportions upon the land, this time Liberals will be the ones turned into pillars of salt. 

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