Senate is retirement plan for Conservative Losers

Wow, I didn't think that Stephen Harper could sink any lower on his attitude toward the Senate.  He has.  You might recall that in 2004, Harper, then leader of the opposition stated he would not appoint anyone to the Senate that was not first elected by the province they would represent.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Harper has in fact appointed 21 senators.  Today he appointed 3 Senators that had in fact lost elections to the House of Commons.  The re-appointment of Manning from Newfoundland who was defeated in 2008, then appointed to the Senate in the same year, then resigned from the Senate to run in 2011.  He lost in 2011 and today Prime Minister Harper re-appointed him to the Senate.  The people in Newfoundland have said no to electing this guy twice.  How many times do people have to say the guy is not wanted before the PM stops appointing them to the Senate?

Answer: It doesn't matter what the people of Newfoundland and Labrador think. Harper will appoint all the losers he wants too, democracy be damned!

Smug partisans and reporters laughed and joked about a comment made by Jack Layton during the english debate.  Layton said to Harper, you have changed, you use to care.  You use to be for accountability.  Well, it appears Layton's comment were right on.... 

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