Canucks battle songs

If you don't like Hockey, you may get annoyed at me for the next two weeks. Just sayin.  Im a hockey fan and it goes back to my days in Quesnel, where we cheered on the Quesnel Kangaroos.  I know its a weird name for a hockey team but when they started, the guy who did it thought the guys all jumped around like kangaroos, so the name stuck.  The guy who got them going was Chuck Beath.  My Dad worked for him for a few years.

So there could be a few Canuck postings here, as I enjoy their journey to the Stanley Cup from here, the Center of the Universe, (that's Toronto in case any of you are not from Canada). My big TV and surround sound will be annoying those above and below me on game night.  But then I have listened to their music for three years so some Canadian content shouldn't bother them too much.

Here is a youtube video of some guys celebrating the Canucks, its a catchy number and just a little bit fun, hope you enjoy...


JJ said...

Loved it!
I'm so excited I'm almost vibrating!!! My car flag is flying and I'm wearing my Canucks jersey or T-shirt every damn day til the boys bring the cup home!

W00T! Go Canucks Go!!!!!!

Rick Barnes said...

Its cute! I have my Canuck sweaters so will alternate them! Canuck Cap, Canuck sippy cup (saves losing any beer) Canuck flags (on balcony) and Linden T-Shirt.

I get asked all the time why I am wearing hockey gear, didn't I know that hockey is over after the regular season ends. But hey forgive them for they haven't had much fun since '67.

JJ said...

Heh, hockey is only over after the regular season if you're a Leafs fan.

OMG, tomorrow is the big day... get your Game Face on, Ricky! Here we go!! All the way to the Cup, baby!!!!!

Rick Barnes said...

I can hardly wait for Wednesday. You can almost tell there is a game on here, but its not on top of the agenda. Wish I was in BC or Saskatoon. They all know how to party!