LGBT Lanark

Some of you know we have a place in Lanark county.  It's  farn but that farm hasn't been a real working farm in 40 years.  Its a great place of retreat from the bustle of living in the Centre of the Universe, Toronto for those of you unaware.

I just learned that there is a Queer group that hosts events and attempts to keep people updated on issues pertaining to being queer in the county.  You can find them here at  LGBT Lanark..  And they have a dance planned for June 18th.  Here is the info...

On Saturday, June 18th, LGBT Lanark County is going to celebrate Perth’s first ever gay pride day with a dance at the Perth Civitan Hall (Highway 43, East of Perth).
The dance will run from 8:00-12:30pm.  Tickets can be bought in advance at Shadowfax in Perth for $15 or can be purchased at the door for $20.  Note: a reduced rate is available at the door for those who require it.  Tell Mama will be performing and Penny the DJ will rock the house!  Send us your music requests early!

It totally rocks that there is an active queer community in Scott Reid's federal riding and Randy Hillier's provincial riding.  

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