NDP - will be a new kind of Opposition

“An opposition party can do a lot of things, because a government works in the context of public opinion. And our party can express the attitude of the public, because they voted in large numbers for the NDP. So we have a context that is very different.” - Jack Layton, soon to be Leader of the Opposition.

WOW.  The NDP is the Official Opposition in Ottawa.  It has taken 50 years to do this.  Its no longer just the red door or the blue door.  We can have a voice and we can be the government.  People like me have been waiting a long time to get here and you can bet we are not going to squander this opportunity to show Canadians that we have the right stuff to make Ottawa work.  

I am under no illusions here.  I know it will be hard work and if Harper really does want to do some things he has the votes to ram them through.  Thats the way Ottawa has always worked in majorities and Canadians are fed up with this.  They want a new way forward and they want their leaders to talk to each other, to compromise.

The NDP will have a few stumbles along the way but they will prove to be the best opposition in recent memory.  They have the wind in their sails and a steady hand on the wheel.  


kirbycairo said...

The struggle continues Rick!

Rick Barnes said...

It does continue. Though I am getting tired of the "Monster" label people use to dehumanize Harper.

Calling him stupid is also a mistake. I don't like Harper, I don't like his Government and I certainly don't like what he is planning to do.

Its a mistake to think he lives in a vacuum. Time to focus, rally when needed and respond.

We will get mad, angry and fight on. Just know the leaders of the Harper government are not stupid.